Legends of Laughter: The Official Lineup


Legends of Laughter brochure: click here!


NOTE: All films except Speedy will be screened at the Park Ridge Public Library (20 S. Prospect Ave, Park Ridge, IL). Showtime is 7 PM. The following list does not include the extras– the shorts and documentaries –that will also be screened prior to the films.

March 10, 2011:    The Gold Rush (1925)

March 17:              Safety Last (1923)

March 24:              Sherlock, Jr. (1924) & The Navigator (1924)

March 31:              The Circus (1928)

April 7:                  The Freshman (1925)


April 10:                 Speedy (1928) at the Pickwick Theatre, Park Ridge.


April 14:                  Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928)

April 21:                  City Lights (1931)

April 28:                  The Kid Brother (1927)

May 5:                       ***NO SHOW***

May 12:                   The Cameraman (1929)

May 19:                   Modern Times (1936)

May 26:                   Movie Crazy (1932)

June 2:                    The General (1927)


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