A Letter from Harold Lloyd’s Granddaughter:


NOTE: Harold Lloyd’s granddaughter, Suzanne Lloyd, has been the torch bearer of Harold’s legacy. She came close to joining us in person for our “Legends of Laughter” film series. Suzanne originally had been asked to appear at a Chicagoland university that was planning a Harold Lloyd retrospective of their own in the spring. However, when the school cancelled their event, we lost our chance for a special guest. (Alas, the Park Ridge Public Library isn’t in a position to fly in any guests.) Nevertheless, Suzanne kindly sent us a special introduction to our series. We are grateful for her contribution. The following is the complete text.

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Legends of Laughter Intro

My grandfather Harold Lloyd was one of the great comic stars of the cinema, a genius on a par with Chaplin and Keaton. However, he came from a humble background, and perhaps this was the key to his affinity with “the ordinary man” who does extraordinary things. Audiences of today can relate to this as well as audiences did almost a century ago.

In a film career that spanned 34 years, Harold made over 200 comedies, including 11 silent and 5 sound features, 2 compilations, and 58 shorts. My grandfather was famous for doing his own very dangerous stunts, but few people know that the man behind the glasses was also a prolific producer, director, 3-D photographer, businessman, and philanthropist.

Film series like “Legends of Laughter” at the Park Ridge Public Library help audiences discover (and re-discover) the magic of Harold’s films, and it is so very important that we keep the spirit of the foundations of cinema alive. Thank you to everyone who is a fan – I know Harold would be SO pleased that his work is still making us laugh today.

Sue Lloyd


One Response to “A Letter from Harold Lloyd’s Granddaughter:”

  1. Dear Suzanne your Grand Father was brilliant and one of the 3 Comedy Greats…..from “The Golden Age Of Comedy”……thanks to you and TCM for preserving his legacy…….Ray George ….film historian

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