Silent Pages by matthew c. hoffman


Just a quick word of praise for an exceptional book I received in the mail today which I had ordered off Amazon. It’s film historian John Bengtson’s most recent exploration of silent filmmaking production in the 1920s. This is his third in a wonderful trilogy of books that record the various movie locations used by the great silent clowns. The latest is Silent Visions: Discovering Early Hollywood and New York Through the Films of Harold Lloyd (Santa Monica Press, 2011).


One of the comments I’ve received from patrons during the Park Ridge Public Library’s Legends of Laughter series concerns the wonderful location work we’ve seen on the screen. Filmmakers like Harold Lloyd recorded a time and place which has been preserved forever on film. Using archival photos, Silent Visions shows us with visual precision where these memorable scenes were shot– both in California and New York. There are also fascinating side-by-side comparisons of how the streets and buildings have changed over the decades.


Combining history and exemplary film commentary, these detailed and nostalgic volumes are must-own for those of us devoted to silent cinema. Silent Visions features a foreward by historian Kevin Brownlow and an introduction by Harold’s granddaughter, Suzanne Lloyd.


Also by John Bengtson:




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