The Audience Responds: fan (e)mail

NOTE: The following is a wonderful email from one of my regulars. It means a lot to me to have received a response like this, so I thought I’d share it in the hope of getting more people to experience our program. Needless to say, I made sure Max and Dorothy received a (well-deserved) standing ovation…

Hi Matthew–

My wife and I have attended every night of the “Legends of Laughter” series except for the first show, and we have been more and more delighted withe program every week. We enjoyed it so much that we convinced my mother-in-law and father-in-law to join us, and they have been coming as well, often seeing it as one of the highlights of their week. You’ve met both of them because they’ve come up to talk with you almost every week after the night’s programs. My mother-in-law has been ordering movies we see to add to her DVD collection, and it is growing at a rapid pace.

Anyway, tomorrow is my in-laws’ forty-ninth wedding anniversary, and my wife Kate and I wanted to take them somewhere special to celebrate, and both of them said that they could not think of a better way to spend the evening of their anniversary except at the library in our usual spot watching the Legends of Laughter.

I was wondering if it would be possible if you could wish them a happy anniversary tomorrow at the show. I know they would be tickled, and they both like and respect you and the work you’ve done very much. If this is possible, their names are Max and Dorothy Ranft. They live here in Park Ridge, and as I said, they are celebrating their forty-ninth wedding anniversary.

With kind regards,

Tom Wetzel

Program Host (center) with Dorothy & Max



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