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  1. Gregg Nestor Says:

    Came across your FACEBOOK sit today. Are you also a guitarist? In 1986 Miklós Rózsa wrote a solo guitar sonata for me. I have adapted many classic suites from film scores for guitar duo, using the original manuscripts supplied by the composers or their estates.

    Here is the link via AMAZON to over 320 tracks of mine!624868011%2Ci%3Adigital-music%2Ck%3Agregg%20nestor&page=1

    Also the following might be of interest:

    In the late 50’s Laurindo Almeida commissioned 3 prominent film composers, all at the start of their illustrious careers to write solo works for guitar. The following was the result:

    1. TOCCATA (Jerry Goldsmith)
    2. PRELUDE FOR LAURINDO (Henry Mancini)
    3. BALLAD FOR A WESTERNER (Alex North)

    These three short works have been unavailable and unrecorded for over 50 years, until now….

    My e mail is

    Feel free to contact me.

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